About Nearlyweds!

Getting married does rock. We really believe that.

Finding someone who you truly love and want to spend your life with, and make a life with, is at once both exhilirating and calming. And a ton of fun! To us, the best thing about a great relationship and a great marriage is that it enables and challenges you to be who you really are, to be authentic.

So when we thought about what we'd want in a web site for a couple preparing to marry, it came down to making something that lets the couple show who they really are. And since the web is a great way to interact with people near and far, and doing so amidst the hustle and bustle of life (not to mention wedding planning!) is often challenging, we wanted to make something as interactive and communal as possible. A site that looks great and is personalized to represent you.

We've created and are continually working to create something that we would want to use, and something our friends would want to use. Sure, other companies provide similar services, but none that we found particularly compelling, or truly cool. Hopefully you'll find Nearlyweds! to be both fun and useful - and we really hope you'll let us know if you do or don't by dropping us a line.

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